Why join Hellas Triathlon?

Hellas Utrecht‘s Triathlon department has more than 600 members and is the biggest triathlon club in the Netherlands. You can train together at your own level throughout the year and combine training with social activities. We offer daily training under the guidance of experienced trainers. You decide what you participate in. In addition to the triathlon you can also train for duathlons or aquathlons (swimming run). To be a member, you must actively practice at least two of the three sports. For the competitive athletes there are 12 women’s -and men’s teams that compete in the team competitions and RBR series and compete for the victory.

Endurance and entry level?

Are you running 5 kilometers within half an hour? Then you have a great basis to participate in running training.
Can you cover at least 50 kilometers on your racing bike in 2 hours solo? Then you don’t have to worry about not keeping up with cycling training.
Do you swim at least 200 meters freestyle without getting out of breath and do you also control the basis of a breaststroke and back crawl? Then you are very welcome to our swimming training.

At Hellas Triathlon you train per discipline in groups with athletes of a comparable level.

Start to Swim
Are you an unexperienced swimmer and you do not meet the entry level? Then you can participate in the Start to Swim course that we organize exclusively for our members. The course is given on 4 Friday evenings by our partner Zwemanalyse.
Interested? First register as a member at Hellas Triathlon and then contact Zwemanalyse. Of course you are also free to improve your swimming skills outside Hellas Triathlon.
If you want to know when there is room available for the swimming course or if you want to register immediately, you can contact René Miltenburg from Zwemanalyse by email.

Read all about the Start to Swim course

When can I join Hellas Triathlon?
We use a fixed intake week every two months. We do this to give you a good start within the club as a new member. In addition, you immediately get to know a large number of athletes who, just like you, have just started and with whom you can meet up or set mutual goals for the coming season.
The first week there is guidance from two members, the buddies. So we do not work with introduction training courses or that you can train immediately after registration. You will find the next date on which you can become a member, and thus train along. on the online registration form

Pay attention:
Once the maximum intake of 30 new members has been reached, the starting date will close. The registration closes one week before the start date and will open the registration date over 2 months.

Introduction week
In the week prior to the start of your introduction week you will receive the final confirmation of your starting date via e-mail. In this email you will also receive information about the dates of the training, locations and starting times. For the first training the buddies tell about the training and the social activities within our club. We strongly advise you to be present at least during the first training sessions to get as much information as possible and to get to know your fellow starters.
The intake week generally starts with a briefing on Friday evening followed by the swimming training. On the following Tuesday evening the running training follows and in the summer season we end on Thursday evening with a cycling training. Check the training calendar for the latest training status.

Membership costs and NTB-license

  • One-off registration fee: € 15,-
  • Membership fee: € 44,- per quarter
  • NTB license: Standard license (L) € 41,75* or Athlete’s license (A) €71,50 per calendar year**

With a base license, you’ll need to purchase an additional day license for each NTB race. The price of a day license can vary from € 7,75 for a sprint to € 50,- for a full distance. The actual day license prices can be found here.

*The standard licence is mandatory for every athlete, regardless of the races that your register for
**As of September a discount applies, see NTB website (Dutch).

Volunteer policy
You are not a customer or client at Hellas Triahlon but you are a member and members shape our club. That is why we count on everyone to contribute to the activities that must be done at Hellas Triathlon. Things like working for one of our committees, club magazine or for the Triathlon Utrecht that is always organized on the second Sunday of July. You can indicate which activities you prefer on the registration form

 Register as a member

Register here to become a member of Hellas Triathlon.

Attention: In the registration form, in section “Activiteiten – Lidmaatschap Hellas categorie” choose the option ‘TL Triathlon en Tri Jeugd’
After registration you will receive an email with the confirmation and an attachment with the details you entered. Are you not receiving this mail or do you want to change anything? Check your spam folder or contact the member administration.

If you have any questions, send an email to member support.